Constantin Sunnerberg (aka Cost.) is a very versatile , award-winning artist. He creates editorial illustrations, political cartoons, books and posters. He was born in Moscow to an artistic family. There is a portrait of Constantin's great-grandfather, painted by Mstislav Dobujinski, in the Tretiakov State Gallery in Moscow. The family moved to Belgium and Cost. spent his school years in The European School in Brussels and afterwards at "La Cambre" Artistic University in the Grafic section. Cost. created drawings for the first Rwanda trial (Brussels, 2001 ), some of them now in the Musée d’Histoire Contemporaine in Paris, France. In 2002 he created the Giant figures for the famous Carnival in Nice, France. Constantin’s clients include Le Soir, Courrier International, Journal du Mardi, Espace de Libertés, Journaliste, Le Monde, Vif-Express, Independant on Sunday, Courrier ACPUE, World Parliamentarian, Imagine, Internazionale, Diplomatie Judiciaire, Synergy, and ITT. His cartoons have been awarded numerous prestigious prizes from international cartoon competitions.


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