• 512620

    *Price is for one-time non-exclusive usage of this image at any size or resolution, in only one of the following:

    • Editorial Magazine or Newspaper with a print and/or electronic distribution of up to 100,000 total
    • Book in print and/or electronic format with a distribution of up to 25,000 total
    • Brochure, calendar, greeting card or corporate marketing material with a single print run or electronic distribution of up to 10,000
    • Up to one year on a website

    Any right not specified above may be purchased at an extra cost. No discounts on the above price, except for those who spend an annual minimum dollar volume. Please contact us at 212-849-2912 or sales@illustrationsource.com.

    * Uses of image on covers of magazines, newspapers, books, calendars, or corporate marketing materials are 2X the basic price.