Gun as column of a government building
Keywords: administration adversity aggression aggressive aggressiveness aggressor antagonizing armed forces armed service army artillery artwork assertive authority battle betraying brutality bureaucracy capricious cheating city hall cityhall color colour column combat concealing concealment conscientious control controlling court courthouse crime criminal criminality damage danger deceiver deceiving deception defence defending defense deluding deserving difficulty diplomacy disarmament disarming dominance domination domineering drawing due edict energy entitlement ethical ethics extremism extremist firearm force forceful governing government graphic graphic art graphic design gun hardship harming hazard helplessness hiding honest hostile illegality illustration impediment injure injustice intimidating irony jeopardy judicial justice law law enforcement lawful legal menacing merit metropolitan might military misleading moral morality morals municipal object obscuring obstacle offense perilous picture pier pillar plight policy political politics post power predicament prevention principled principles problem procedure protect protection protesting pushy rebellion regulation restraint rifle righteous rights ruin rule safeguard safety secure security self-defense self-preservation self-protection service standards statute strength supporting supportive supremacy susceptible tact tactfulness thing threatening treacherous uncertain unlawful unpredictable urban vertical violation violence virtuous visual art vulnerability war warfare weapon weaponry wrongdoing yellow

Image: 84534

Caption: Gun as column of a government building

Artist: Igor Kopelnitsky   [Available For Assignment]

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